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By A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham

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Вокруг имени Александра Македонского сложилось множество легенд. Эта работа представляет собой подборку исследований крупных западных историков, в которых производится попытка отделить правду от вымысла.

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8. 9. 1; App. BC 2. 76). That helps explain Alexander’s interest in it from his earliest years. 11 Hyp Dem. col. 32; cf. Din. 1. 94; Athen. 6. 251b; Ael. VH 5. 12. On the background see Badian 1981: 54–9, Bosworth 1988b: 288–9; Habicht 1995: 41–6 and the rationalizing interpretation of Cawkwell 1994: 301–6. The hero cult of Hephaestion, which was contemporaneous and apparently mandatory, is now attested on a 4th-cent. relief from Macedonia (Voutiras 1990). 12 Reproduced in Pagden 1986: 7 and Thomas 1993: 269.

We may begin, as is appropriate, with the leaders of the conquests, Alexander of Macedon and Cortés of Castile. Both were complex characters, enigmatic and elusive to contemporaries and posterity alike, and both quickly became less the stuff of history than symbols of national aspiration, to be evoked in an amazing range of contexts. 8 If one substitutes ‘alcoholic’ 5 On the Spanish archives see the checklist in Thomas 1993: 784–90. Thomas 1993: 774–84, drawing upon the full bibliography by José Alcina Franch, Códices Mexicanos (Madrid, 1992).

11; on this episode see Bosworth 1995: 13–15; 1996a: 151–2. 59 So Nearchus, FGrH 133 F 1(g) = Strabo 11. 13. 6 (524); Arr. Ind. 40. 6–8. 60 Arr. Ind. 40. 8. On the campaign see Arr. 7. 15. 1–3; Diod. 17. 111. 4–6 (confirming the establishment of cities); Plut. Alex. 72. 4; Polyaen. 4. 3. 21, and on the Cossaeans in general see Briant 1982b: 64–81. ’61 The Aristotelian doctrine of natural slavery shines out here. The Chichimecas were too uncivilized to be anything but slaves and could therefore be enslaved and transported without any qualms.

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