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By John Ma

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This significant and wide-ranging booklet examines the connection among the Greek city-states and the Hellenistic empire, focusing particularly at the interplay among Antiochos III and the towns of Western Asia Minor. Dr Ma methods this fabric from various angles: narrative heritage, structural analyses of imperial strength, and analyses of the features performed by way of language and stereotype within the interplay among rulers and governed. This paperback version encompasses a new preface and a bit of addenda.

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Polybios provides detailed information about administrative dispositions at the king's accession, and the reorganization of the governorships in the U p p e r Satrapies after a revolt; about the king's m o v e m e n t s and strategic dilemmas; about his long-term plans and vision. A s for Asia M i n o r specifically, Polybios tells us about the circumstances and actors involved in the usurper Achaios' attempt on the Seleukid throne, and also about the topography in w h i c h this attempt took place (royal proclamation at Laodikeia on L y k o s , disaffection of troops on the borders of L y k a o n i a , and consolatory expedition into Pisidia).

L . A u s t i n , and d e v e l o p i n g A u s t i n ' s insight that certain utterances ( Ί grant y o u f r e e d o m ' , 'we decide to praise y o u ' ) are acts w i t h practical c o n s e q u e n c e s , and that, in a sense, all utterances are actions, p e r f o r m e d in a certain c o n t e x t w h i c h influences t h e m and is influenced b y t h e m ( M i l l a r 1992: 637). T h e i m p o r t a n c e of the epigraphical material only makes it m o r e i m p o r t a n t to u n d e r s c o r e the difficulties inherent in its exploitation.

T h e s e two authors handled Polybios to suit their o w n interests. A p p i a n , though sometimes more faithful than L i v y in preserving details unfavourable to R o m e , compressed Polybios, often to the point of being misleading or inaccurate; L i v y varies between carefully written episodes drawn f r o m Polybios (Einzelerzählungen), and wider segments of oblique, concentrated, and sometimes inaccurate summary. 1 9 W h e n Polybios did touch on the theme relevant to both L i v y and A p p i a n , the conflict between Seleukids and R o m e , he was quoted extensively by these authors.

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