ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 10: Collected Essays - download pdf or read online

By Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje, Timothy Thurston, and Rin chen rdo rje (editors); various authors

• The A mdo Tibetan Lab rtse Ritual by means of Kelsang Norbu
• Childbirth and Childcare in Rdo sbis Tibetan Township via Klu mo tshe ring and Gerald Roche
• Dmu rdo: a strong Hero and Mountain Deityby G.yung 'brug and Rin chen rdo rje
• Echoes from Si gang lih: Burao Yilu's 'Moon Mountain' by way of Mark Bender
• The Failure of Vocational education in Tibetan parts of Chinaby Shiyong, Wang
• gas and sunlight Cooker impression in Ya na gdung Village, Gcan tsha County, Mtsho sngon (Qinghai) Provinceby Rdo rje don 'grub
• "I, Ya ri a bsod, Am a Dog": The existence and tune of a Tibetan Mendicant Singerby Skal dbang skyid, Sha bo don sgrub rdo rje, Sgrol ma mtsho, Gerald Roche, Eric Schweickert, and Dpa' rtse rgyal
• Purity and Fortune in Phug sde Village Ritualsby Sa mtsho skyid and Gerald Roche
• Rgyas bzang Tibetan Tribe searching Lore by means of Bkra shis dpal 'bar
• sa.bə: A Tibetan ceremony of Passage through Lhundrom
• Muulasan Mongghul through Limusishiden
• tale - destiny by means of Gelsang Lhamu
• tale - A Stolen trip by means of Blo bzang tshe ring
• tale - Is It Karma? by means of Pad ma rgya mtsho
• Folklore - undergo and Rabbit (I) by way of G.yu lha
• Folklore - undergo and Rabbit (II) via Snying dkar skyid
• Folklore - The Frog Boy and His family members by way of Chodpaylhamo
• Folklore - Mchig nges and Repaying a Debt of Gratitudeby Zla ba sgrol ma

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ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 10: Collected Essays by Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje, Timothy Thurston, and Rin chen rdo rje (editors); various authors

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