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S. mainland for the first time when he was 18. multicultural (mul-tee-KUL-chuhr-ul): If something is multicultural, it is made up of diverse cultures or ethnic groups. Obama has a multicultural background. multiple sclerosis (MUL-tuh-pul skluhROW-sis): Multiple sclerosis is a disease involving the brain and spinal cord that may lead to numbness, weak arms and legs, poor speech and vision, and tiredness. Michelle Obama’s father had multiple sclerosis. ” Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden. nomination (nah-muh-NAY-shun): If someone receives a nomination, he or she is chosen by a political party to run for an office.

The Supreme Court makes sure that decisions and laws do not violate the Constitution. 42 Choosing the President I t may seem odd, but American voters don’t elect the president directly. Instead, the president is chosen using what is called the Electoral College. Each state gets as many votes in the Electoral College as its combined total of senators and representatives in Congress. For example, Iowa has two senators and four representatives, so it gets six electoral votes. Although the District of Columbia does not have any voting members in Congress, it gets three electoral votes.

Compromise (KAHM-pruh-mize): Two people compromise when they each give up part of what they want in order to reach an agreement. S. Congress. 40 Constitution (kon-sti-TOO-shun): A constitution is a set of basic principles that govern a society. S. S. citizens. r y constitutional (kahn-sti-TOO-shunul): Something that is constitutional is related to the Constitution. Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago. convention (kun-VEN-shun): A convention is a meeting. The political parties each hold a national convention every four years to choose a presidential candidate.

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