Just a quick post update. As you may have noticed we’ve changed our website. We’d been running the same site for nearly three years now and in that time it’s grown and grown . Problem is, it’s slowed down and now with the majority of visits to our site on mobile or tablet we wanted to make the experience a lot quicker and easier. Looking at the statistics on my website is amazing to see that nearly two thirds of visitors view on a mobile. I prefer big screens myself (As a photographer who doesn’t) but we are moving with the times. You’ll also notice we’ve added Instagram and Facebook feeds so it’s even easier to connect with us (go on, do it now).  We’ll keep this updated with our latest shoots and information.

Finally we’ve taken the hard decision to close down the portrait side of our business. It’s been a hard decision with some fabulous clients over the years but we are so busy with weddings that we thought it was the right time to make the switch full time. What it has meant is that we’ve been able to redecorate the studio. All the props have gone and we’ve got some fabulous new demo albums and a really comfy sofa!