OUR style of photography

Natural… Documentary…. Traditional…. Contemporary….

Just some of the words used by photographers to describe their specific style of photographing a wedding. As for my style of shooting? Well there are lots of natural shots on your day. There are also some documentary style shoots too with just a sprinkling of traditional (group shots mainly).

Here’s a handy description of each to help you make the right decision about your wedding photographer.

Woodman Inn Wedding Photographer


Just as the title says. When the shutter on the camera was pressed the shot and what was recorded by the photographer was completely natural. There has been little or no interaction between the photographer and the subject. If there is interaction then it’s generally to make the shot look more natural.

Bridesmaids laughing during bridal preps


Very similar to a natural style but there is absolutely no interaction at all between the couple and the photographer. Everything is totally ‘as is’. No formal groups, no bride and grooms shots. Many photographers say they are a documentary photography when in fact this is just part of what they offer. 

Bridesmaids laughing during bridal preps


‘Back in the day’ wedding photographers were always quite traditional. Formal shots, looking at the camera, posed to photograph the cutting of the cake – you get the picture (no pun intended). There are still traditional wedding photographers working today but obviously not as many as there was ‘back in the day.

Bridesmaids laughing during bridal preps


An up to date style with a mix of traditional, documentary and natural photographs. If I had to tag our style it would be contemporary. (but only if I had to).

Bridesmaids laughing during bridal preps